Distribution to the last mile

Data-driven distribution and intelligence for
emerging markets

The Problem

Ensuring consistent product availability across the 24 million informal retail outlets in emerging markets, which account for $3.1 trillion in consumer goods sales each year, is an enormous challenge for companies and distributors. Lack of data and targeted distribution forces result in frequent stockouts and limited market coverage.

What is Sokowatch?

Sokowatch provides multinational companies with a data-driven distribution network focused on the informal sector of emerging markets. Through individual agents equipped with proprietary mobile data-collection tools, Sokowatch dramatically increases sales and market coverage for companies in emerging markets.

Reach Every Last Mile

Our network of agents are experienced distributors in informal areas who have the local expertise to know where and how to maximize sales in otherwise opaque markets.

Capture Critical Data

Using cutting edge mobile technology, our agents capture unique data regarding product sales, geolocation, and even competitor products at an individual retail outlet level.

Grow Your Market

Through the combination of data and targeted agents, Sokowatch helps brands expand their market coverage into new outlets across the informal economy.

Designed for Emerging Markets


Nairobi, Kenya

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Sokowatch launched its data-driven distribution network in Nairobi, Kenya after collecting last-mile sales and inventory data across six countries in the developing world. The Sokowatch network currently has agents active across informal settlements and low-income areas of Nairobi. Sokowatch is also planning a launch in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania in Summer 2016 with pilots in Latin America to follow.